Monday, May 14, 2007

Something Different

Here's a beautiful, not dead, bird for those of you out there tired of all the dead stuff.

This photo was taken with a 31 mega pixel camera. See the difference?


Anonymous said...

a $30,000 photograph, if you will.


jonathan said...

$21,000 and dropping with every subsequent photograph.
It is kind of like the first fish you catch after buying a license. It is a $25 fish. If you catch a second it drops to $12.50, and so on.

Funnybone! said...

Yes, but neither fish nor photo will ever be free.


Anonymous said...

See it? I can feel it, hear it, smell it and taste it. Nice photo.

SA said...

The 2nd bird has a yellow bill... what was he? and is it a paw paw tree???


jonathan said...

It is a Styrofoam or paper bird with feathers of unknown origin. It also has wires that extend from the bottom of its feet to enable it to remain perched in high winds.