Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This dollar was used to buy fish. Later, maybe weeks or months later, when the previous owner of the dollar bill discovered that he or she had inadvertently spent his or her Danny Glover autograph, I am sure he or she was disappointed. Maybe devastated.


Dennis Plummer said...

Is it real? Are you keeping it?

dmo said...

What I am wondering is have you had that stashed since you worked at the fish market? And if so why isn't it properly displayed.

Anonymous said...

I think thats my dollar I have been looking for it forever.
please send it back
527 D St.
San Rafael, Ca

jonathan said...

You'll understand that I'll need some proof that this is indeed your Danny Dollar. Please describe the other side.
And Dennis, I do not know if the autograph is authentic but who whould write Danny Glover on a a dollar?
And Donna, I have had it stashed for lo these past 12 years. I will take it to the framers presently.

SA said...

Ever since the Color Purple i have had an overwhelming (perhaps it is just welming) desire to to slit his throat with a straight edge racer.

how was the cabin? how the the bear get in?