Friday, January 18, 2008

The Star Apartments

I took Diego out for a bathroom brake in Reno in front of the Star Apartments. The Star Apartments look like an abandoned motel complete with “no trespassing” signs. A couple walked out of what looked to be the only livable room. The woman-half of the couple spoke in sign language to a woman who walked into the parking lot. Then the woman in the parking lot said to me, “Let me see that little dog.” I let her hold him and he, showing his complete lack of discrimination, started licking her all over including her scarred and tattooed neck. The tattoos were made of thin, yellow and red lines and had a very home (prison) made look to them. She wore dark glasses covering two of the blackest black eyes I never saw. Probably. She had one yellowy-brown dead incisor on the bottom right side of her foul mouth. I suddenly got this idea that she was not going to give me back my undiscerning dog. Then, in a voice like a quarry, she said, “Can I have him?” I smiled and said, “no” as I took him out of her arms. She turned to walk away and so did I. Then she said, “Fuck you.” I turned back and she was still walking away. Diego and I quickly got in the car and drove to Lovelock.


jen said...

that was a close call for sir. diego. i had better meet him soon before he is stolen.

pssst said...

Did you at least get her digits before she told you off?