Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Lottery

While I drive I often daydream, “If I won the lottery I would…” and then I go into a reverie of fantasy that usually includes buying cars and houses for friends and family, paying off student loans, mine and yours, and fixing up the cabin. Then I snap out of it and am left with a feeling that, not only did not will millions, but that I lost millions of dollars. Then I do it again.
So, if I won the lottery, in the hundreds of millions, I would buy log cabins from towns all over the country. Many towns have them including: Milwaukee, WI, Davis, CA, Boise Idaho, and various small towns in Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa. Those are the cabins I have seen recently but I am sure there are many more. The towns would sell them to me because of all the wonderful things they could do for their community with all that money – I would pay millions for these little cabins. After I have secured enough cabins I would ship them to a beautiful location and build a mansion out of them. Please see artist representation below.


Thomas said...

Diego looks happy. I wonder how much it would take to pry some cabins away from people, I'd bet you wouldn't part with yours for whatever it is "worth". I know I wouldn't part with mine.

jonathan said...

I wouldn't sell mine for a hundred dollars!

Dennis R. Plummer said...

i think that's Paul Revere's home in Boston.