Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leaving Chicago

My summer in Chicago is over. Tomorrow I head toward Denver where I will pick up my mom who will be my co-pilot the rest of the way to California.

I saw this boat on the side of the road in northern Wisconsin. It was in front of a store that was full of stuffed dead animals (deer, bear, porcupines, muskrat, etc), old outboard motors, anti Abraham Lincoln books and much much more.
If you go there please buy this boat for me for a house warming present. And then buy me a house to warm. Thanks.


pssst said...

That is a very lovely boat! Something maybe a little larger and it could be a home. . . ??

Dennis R. Plummer said...

At a first skimming glance, I thought your post was referring to the boat as your mom.

I hope that you picked up an anti-Lincoln book. That would be interesting.

Are you swinging way down Albuquerque way?