Monday, August 04, 2008

Mother Son Roadtrip

I have been Internetless while driving to California.
I picked up my mom in Golden Colorado and from there we drove to Steamboat Springs to visit my cousin. I wont go on too much about that but I will throw out a few talking points (because that's what my cousin did). I'll start with the non controversial and progress to the more controversial: He lives near a lovely river. We fly-fished. He feeds raccoons dog food. Caribou like oil fields for the warmth so if we really want to help them we will create more oil fields in the arctic. Polar bears are doing better than ever because of climate change - it turns out that, like Caribou, Polar bears like it warmer too. There was also something about the poles freezing over again this year - bad news for the wildlife that evolved there I guess.

After two nights in Steamboat we headed for home, keeping our eyes out for Pronghorn and any other wildlife. Mom was disappointed with the lack of wildlife so far so I pulled up to a small herd of male antelope to shut her up. We also saw a roadkill moose. Mom pointed out a lot of birds that turned out to be bird-shaped spots in front of her eyes.

The trip went well until I foolishly attempted to parallel park in front of mom's house. In my mother's eyes only the women in our family can parallel park. The actual foolish act was when, after she criticized my parking, I pointed out that I have never parallel parked in front of the house (with her in the car) without criticism. That ruined the entire trip for her.

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