Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Drinking

It's hard to be a non-drinker in Germany. Even though I don't drink, my friendly hosts (by hosts I mean everyone in Germany) expected me to have a full drink of something, anything, in my hand. It can be water, coke, milk, but if I put it down someone will immediately bring me another or ask, "where is your drink?" I can understand why those who drink alcohol want to drink one after another but why would anyone want to drink 6 cokes in a row? Or even six glasses of water? We went to a party early last week and I was offered three beers in less than a minute so I picked up an empty to appear liquidly occupied. It worked like a charm.


SA said...

Hi-- You should put a flask in your jacket pocket and discreetly show it to your hosts. By hosts I mean all the drunks of germany.

today i heard an interview of a guy who wrote a book about where Not to travel. I thought of your hotel in DC (?) and wanted to send that to his blog. i don't remember when it was so finding it could be rough. call me when you get home. Miss you heaps. love,

jonathan said...

That was Miami

Emily said...

Love that photo.