Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Bear Week

Luke and I are in Cologne for Thanksgiving, an art opening and Bear Week. Luke was here last year at the same time and it was also Bear Week and Thanksgiving. What is it with Luke and Thanksgiving? Yesterday we were in a café when six bears walked in (they were not anything like the bears that messed up my cabin two years in a row) and I suddenly became very aware of my beard. My big beard. My big bushy beard. Not for the first time, I was glad I was not wearing my sleeveless, denim jacket. Come to think of it, where is my sleeveless denim jacket?


SA said...

Don't you remember, I borrowed it for the Seattle GLBT parade. I wore with my leather jaunty cap while driving my Harley.


dabo said...

Bear week...hummm
Isn't that where boy meets grrrrrr?