Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cabin in New York

This article in the New York Times reminded me of many things. One is that my pal Chris and I used to talk about building a cabin in an otherwise cabinless neighborhood in Sacramento. I still think about that. Yesterday I was running through a housing development with gigantic houses and I noticed a lot for sale. My first thought was to build a humble, rustic cabin on the lot. My second thought was that I couldn't afford it.
And I was reminded of a guy named Bill who used to have a cabin next to my family cabin until his cabin was swept away in an avalanche. Bill lives in Manhattan and claims that his apartment looks exactly like a cabin in the woods. Incidentally, Bill looks exactly (sort of) like an old Iggy Pop (I know, Iggy Pop is an old Iggy Pop).
Thirdly, the part about the sack of potatoes reminded me of the summer I spent at the cabin and ate potatoes. I ate Potatoes for every meal for weeks, maybe years. In the end, I spent a night throwing up potatoes.

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Kate said...

That Manhattan "cabin" is crazy. It reminds me of Butch's a little bit.