Monday, March 07, 2011


I left my Jashua Slocum book in the seat pocket of one of the six planes that I occupied over the weekend.

My copy did not have this lovely picture on the cover. I am not immune to forgetting things but I think my recently developed dislike of airplane travel contributed to the book loss. I had my eye on it. I kept telling myself not to forget it. But when the seatbelt light went off I was out of my seat and into the aisle instantly. And Sailing Alone around the World remained sitting alone in the seat pocket. Who knows, maybe it will travel around the world.

Yesterday I was attempting to leave New York for Boise (via Washington D.C. and Denver). I succeeded in part one. I made it to Washington DC. I had to run to the shuttle bus to get to my connecting flight. The shuttle was not operating because of the weather. So I had to exit the terminal and run to the United ticket counter (the kiosk would not print my boarding pass). I barely made it onto my flight. But that turned out not to matter because that plane did not leave until 6:15 the next morning. Meanwhile, I spent 3 hours on that plane while mechanics attempted to fix the "skid." Another reason given for the stationary plane was that the "runway is too short for a plane this large." I'm not sure if the plane grew or the runway shrunk. Eventually we were let off the plane and given hotel vouchers. I was re-routed through Chicago because all Monday flights from Denver to Boise were full. This morning's first flight was held up while a mechanic fixed some broken seats (not to be confused with the punk jug band of the same name). And finally, the flight from Chicago to Boise had to stop in Idaho Falls for gas.

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