Monday, November 07, 2011

Trail Names

Training for the PCT by walking all over New York City. Hopefully the trail is not as rough and steep as some of these New York streets. This morning during breakfast with the Hasidim at the Condor Hotel, my associate and I talked about trail names. Of course a nickname of any kind is out of the control of the named, but we talked about attempting to control mine. Associate said I should hand out gumi bears and say things like, "hey guys, have some gumi bears!" and, as a look at my watch,"it's gumi bear thirty!" But I do not eat gumi animals of any species (i do eat dairy and eggs). I guess I could be "Gumi Bear" ironically, like calling a vegetarian Carnivore or The Cannibal. Maybe I'll try to insert my old hobo moniker "Lobo," by howling every morning. We'll see.

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Ashton said...

Thanks for such an interesting blog. I would love to visit the US and see the places you write about.