Saturday, August 04, 2012

Not Watching the Olympics

Even though my neighbor Kristin Armstrong won a Golden medallion today (today was a few days ago now). And my other neighbor, from across the pond, Bradley Wiggins also won a similar prize in a similar event.
But I would watch the Olympics if I could figure out how. An afternoon break from the oppression that we call summer in Boise would be welcome.

Part II
The next two pictures shows the view from the sprinklers - the sprinklers that want as much attention as the animals. The animals are partly to blame for this sprinkler neediness. Intrepid likes to play in the sprinklers. He scratches his belly on the business end while rhythmically kicking the sprinkler's pipe. It goes a little something like this: rub, kick, rub, kick, rub rub, kick kick, rib, kick, rub, kick..." Meanwhile he hums. If you listen carefully his hums start to sound like a musical, "ahhh, that's it, yeah, oooh, you know me so well."

photo by Jenny Hunter
 Part III

Our caterpillar Brian has a flake of kitty litter stuck to his face. He has long term dreams of flying. We do not have the heart to tell him that he is a lowly caterpillar and unless he can somehow magically turn into a butterfly, or a moth maybe, that it isn't going to happen.

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