Thursday, February 21, 2008


Last night we ate at El Charro , the oldest (1922 - same age as Berkeley Camp) family owned, continuously run Mexican Restaurant in the U.S.A. We watched the lunar eclipse while we waited.


Docshiva said...

Did we take you there back in 79? I'm sure it's fresh in your mind. I was just missing that very restaurant. Someone wanted a recommendation of a good Mexican restaurant. I thought of El Charro, but I'm not sure she was up to the 25 hour drive.

jonathan said...

I don't remember if we ate there. I remember bagging spinach at the co-op. You and I went to see Star Wars, which was on its second or third release.

Dennis R. Plummer said...

I will try El Charro when I visit next month. Now that I've figured out it's "Tucson", not "Tuscon", I can actually find the airport. What street?

jonathan said...

I believe both spellings are correct.
The restaurant is right around the corner from that little potted cactus.
It is in a neighborhood called The Presidio. I think its a well known place so it should be easy to find. Ask for a seat with a view of the eclipse.