Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brookside Farm

The farm is getting bigger, population-wise. It is now a business. We are in the fiber biz. We even have a name: Brookside Farm. We thought of other cleverer names like Pelican West (after the great Haircut 100 lp) Stack Rock Ranch (after the rock of the same name that we can see from our window), High Desert Farm, Pheasant Ridge or Quail Ridge because there are a lot of both. Another option was Push Me Pull You Farm. But we are sticking with Brookside because that is the name of the road we live on. We figure it wont someday be embarrassing like Pelican West might or like my FRANKIE SAYS RELAX tattoo. 

This is one of our fiber animals. We will also harvest the antlers when they are big enough. No antlers.
Below is the three month old daughter of the above fiber animal.

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jen said...

I am so excited about these fiber animals. Good name too.