Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Every once in a while there comes a cat of such extraordinary quality that it would be unfair not to tell the world about her. Milton was such a cat. She had it all - cuteness, sweetness, intelligence. She died today. She was cute and sweet to the end. Her purr was one of a kind and included soft chirps. Holding her was like holding the physical embodiment of love in your arms. Really. She loved everyone. She loved cats, dogs and people.  She could walk between two quarreling cats and peace would be restored.

She was kind of a foodie, preferring pretty much any food she could get. She was orange like Morris but not finicky like Morris.

Here are some pictures from her last couple of days, spreading love until the end. She will be greatly missed.


each day an adventure in alaska said...

sorry about your loss. orange cats are the best and milton sounds like a great one!!

Mumbles said...

I am sorry your Milton is gone. I had one once, her name was Natasha, and she was everything wonderful, funny, sweet, pugnacious, playful, and bossy, all wrapped into one perfect cat. She was 16 when we lost her, and it was like losing a defining part of myself. You have my sypmathy.


Lee said...

I don't know you but I happened upon you blog and I lost my dear orange tabby, "Scotty" quite unexpectly in July. These cats are awesome. You were blessed to enjoy your cat's life. Sorry for your loss.