Friday, November 02, 2012


Occasionally, cowboys show up near the farm. At first there were two cowboys on our road. They were moseying up the road looking for a couple three cows. They don't walk, they mosey. Satisfied, they moseyed back to the truck and pulled through the gate to the same side of the fence as the cows. That's when we noticed another truck. Both trucks pulled long livestock trailers. One contained three horses and the other was empty. The cowboys cleverly set up the two trailers close to the fence to create a chute to help get the cows into the empty trailer. 

Expertly, the cowboys rounded up the cows and into the trailer they went. One cow did try to squeeze her 500 lb frame through an 8 inch gap in the bars of the fence but she quickly changed her mind and went into the trailer with no further protest. 

These were real cowboys. They looked to be in their 60s. They appeared to be in pain - sore hips, bowed legs. They're still looking for and old, black cow.

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