Friday, July 08, 2005

Not the Best Gardener in the World

Originally uploaded by Jonathansadler.
Last night, after watching the Tour De France, I realized I hadn’t watered the garden. It was dark so I put on my headlamp and found this gopher walking around. He kept heading to my feet so I went in and grabbed my camera. He seemed to not see me because of the light shining in his face. This is one of the reasons I am not a great gardener. A great gardener, I think, would have smashed this guy with a shovel. I followed him around with my camera and then, when too many bugs were drawn to my headlamp, said, “Goodnight little enemy.”
Another reason I am not a fabulous gardener is my aversion to killing bugs. There are these lovely little grasshoppers for instance. They come in several colors including bright green with red and a nice cream-colored variety. They could be the same kind - the color depending on other circumstances. One thing I do know is that they are nymphs; they haven’t developed wings yet. See? I am more interested in the grasshopper itself than in its habit of eating the leaves of my plants. I am getting better though. I kill cucumber beetles between my thumb and forefinger. One thing I will not do is resort to spraying.


ty said...

A good gardener would have croc in his pond. Seriously, think about it.

drp said...

Cool how the flash makes the little guy look like an albino gopher...or is he from the Trinity bomb site? (My apologies to the nightbeast if the latter is true.)

jonathan said...

It was the flash.

I already have a toad.

drp said...

"I will not...resort to spraying." C'mon. Cats do it. It's natural.

Brother Roy said...

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