Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm speechless

Not frostless.


Anonymous said...


camo said...

Frost is a serious issue, it takes the life of tens each year, not to mention countless fingers and toes, and it's not going to stop until peope like you relize the harm you're doing by posting clever little blog entries like this one. what happened Cabin? nothing going on in your life to make quippy little jokes about? you have to resort to frost? I visit your blog every day hopping to gleen a little insight into the life of a friend who I don't get to see that often, and what do you give me? frost. Fine, Cabin. Fine.

Also, didn't that one Israeli photographer take that same picture? Only it was, like, art?

jonathan said...

A Canadian photographer took a picture like this, as did a Southern photographer. I took the picture of the freezer because that's what photographers do. A precedent had been set so I figured I was beyond reproach.

jonathan said...

And Anon,
Do not think that I do not apree she ate your help.