Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Neighbor

My upstairs neighbor plays the drums and does not sleep. He is up at all hours. I mentioned this to Luke who said, “Maybe he works all day.” What’s the opposite of graveyard shift? Playground? "You'll have to forgive my noisy neighbor, he works the playground shift." Even though it makes no sense, that was my first thought too, “Gee, that guy is up all night, maybe he works during the day.”
He also plays bass and maybe guitar and drags heavy objects across his floor.


andrea said...

my life was hell, until i discovered sleeping with earplugs. let them crank ac/dc all night! Go ahead kids, bang on those bongos! As long as I have my "hearos", i sleep like a babe.

rr said...

I can't imagine going to sleep with earplugs on. Would be like driving with no mirrors, breathing through your nose as someone has their hand on your mouth or maybe even surfing the internet without a 5 button mouse.

Can you imagine an even worse personal hell? I mean, where's my horizontal scroll wheel?!