Friday, April 15, 2005

Number 1 Hummingbird

Originally uploaded by Jonathansadler.
Yesterday, April 14, I saw the first hummingbird of the season. I went out and bought a new feeder and a shepherd's hook so I could hang the feeders in front of the kitchen window. Today I have had one male black-chinned hummingbird eating from the feeder off and on. Also yesterday, there was a May fly hatch. So in Albuquerque when you see May flies start looking for hummingbirds.
The photo is of the first hummingbird I've seen this year. What? Oh me? I am a photographer, why?




dmo said...

Jon-This is your best work to date. How much for a print?

jonathan said...

They are $3.00. Thank you for your interest.

Holmes, Esq. said...

Wait a minute. You can't even see it. Are you trying to be funny?